Why does Handmade Soap cost more than other commercially available soaps?

  1. We don’t skimp on the essential oils, which can easily be the most expensive ingredients. We buy hundreds of pounds of essential oils every year!
  2. We don’t craft our recipes to a price point. We could use cheaper oils, or add more water, or otherwise adjust our recipe to increase profits but we choose not to. Our focus is on quality, not price. We are now using 100% USDA certified organic base oils in all of our soaps!
  3. Batch size. We are not able to make extremely large batch sizes of soap. We want everything to be as fresh as possible, to provide the freshest products to our customers. This means we must place a limit to our batch size to ensure the best quality products in your hands.
  4. Many bars you might think of as soaps are not actually soaps. Read the ingredients! It is cheaper to make soaps or bars and dilute them with filler ingredients and then add some surfactants to get the lather that people expect, along with some fragrance for scent. Read the ingredients to see what other soaps are made of and you will see a clear difference.


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