Washing Your Face With Bar Soap Is Better


Washing your face with bar soap is better than many of the other commercially available products. You may have heard people say that you shouldn’t use soap to wash your face. Many of the facial cleansers and “soap” products available commercially consist of chemical detergents that strip your skin of its natural oils. Some people are left with dry, taut skin, while others produce excess oil to make up for what was lost. Well made, natural, handmade soap will gently cleanse your skin, removing dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oils without stripping away your natural oils. I have very oily skin, and since using only natural, handmade soap to wash my face, I have noticed that my skin has adjusted and produces much less excess oil. Also, I like to use a soap scented with essential oils for their added benefits to my skin and the aromatherapy experience when I wash my face. Deciding which soap is best for your face will depend on your skin type and needs.

Suggested Bars to Wash Your Face

You could use any of our bar soaps to wash your face. We would recommend an essential oil soap or an unscented soap, but any of them would do the job. If the bar of soap is too rough to use directly on your face, you could lather that bar in your hands or a washcloth to cleanse your face. Washing your face with bar soap is better. It will restore your skin to its natural beauty.

Many of us read the ingredients on the food products we purchase at the grocery store, but it is also important to know what is in the products you use on the outside of your body. Your skin is your protective barrier. Healthy skin helps to protect you from environmental toxins. Do you know what the ingredients are in your bath and body products? We make our soaps with USDA certified organic oils and butters and scented with 100% pure essential oils.


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