How to Use Your Reward Points at Bay Berry Bliss


Use rewards points for online purchases:

To use rewards, just click on the rewards button on the bottom right corner of every page (excluding checkout pages).  If you have not already signed in to your account you will be asked to do so.  Once signed in click on the rewards button again and you will see the number of points you have as well as how many points you have until your next reward.  You can also check the links to learn about all of the ways you can earn points, as well as what all of the rewards are.  

Redeem Rewards Example

Let’s say I want to redeem my points.  I have to first log in to  Then I click on the rewards icon on the bottom left corner of the page.  This will bring up a screen like this:

To redeem a reward click on the view button:

When you click on Redeem, your points will be deducted from your account and you will be provided a code to use at checkout. 

As you can see, I have now spent the points, and have a coupon code to use for my next purchase.  I have blurred out the code in this example, yours should be an actual coupon code.  You can either manually copy and paste the code into the checkout page, or just click the red apply code button. 

You should also receive an email with your code once you redeem your rewards.  If you have managed to lose both the code and the email; no worries.  Just click on the rewards icon (after logging in) and scroll down to the bottom of the window that pops up and you can view your available rewards. You can always just send us an email too! 

Use rewards points for in-person purchase

To use your points to make a purchase in person, you will need to tell us what your email address is so we can associate your order with the points you would like to use.  If you have enough points to qualify for a discount, then we should ask you if you would like to use your points for a discount on your purchase.  If that doesn’t happen, please let us know.  We can also tell you your point balance upon checkout.

Refer a Friend

Our Refer A Friend program is a great way for both you and a friend to benefit.  It is quick and easy too.  Just log in to our website and click the rewards button towards the bottom of the screen.

After you are logged in a screen will pop up that shows the number of points you have accumulated.  If you scroll down within that window you will see something like this below:

If your friend signs up for an account this is what they will see when they visit our site via that link.  Each link is generated especially for you, so make sure your friend is using the right link or neither one of you will get the discount. 

Once they make a purchase, you will receive a credit of $20 for your next order. 


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