Why should we use organic shampoo?


    Organic shampoo not only makes a better product, but it is better for the environment too. We make our organic shampoo bars with 100% USDA certified organic oils such as Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Organic Coconut Oil. You simply can’t buy better ingredients, and better ingredients make better products. Not only do the products have better qualities, but they are better for the environment as well. Our soap bars are entirely biodegradable and safe for the environment. Not only are there environmental benefits to their use, but supporting organic agriculture also benefits the earth. Organic farming practices limit the types of pesticides farmers can use, and the fewer pesticides the farmers use, the better all of us will be. Also, we package our shampoo bars in recyclable cardboard boxes, and not plastic bottles that might never decompose. There is also a small percentage of water, which makes them more efficient to transport to the customer. Size for size you will get far more washes out of one of our shampoo bars than a commercial shampoo. Commercial shampoo is mostly water.