What is your hair care routine?


    I made the switch to using our shampoo bar several years ago. I have curly hair that is oily and a dry scalp. The switch to a shampoo bar definitely had a transition period for me. I remember my hair feeling like it wasn’t rinsed clean, almost a waxy feel to it. A little time and the addition of a vinegar rinse was all it took for my hair to feel amazing. After making the switch, I notice I can get away with waiting a little longer to wash my hair because it is less greasy. My scalp has adjusted and is no longer overproducing oil to compensate for the oil being stripped away.

    Vinegar Rinse

    I DO NOT like the smell of vinegar! I was told that once my hair dried, the smell of the vinegar would go away, which I’m sure is true. My hair takes a LONG time to dry, and having curly hair; I typically let it air dry. It’s kind of funny to think back to that time now because I’ve come so far.

    I only use our shampoo bar to wash my hair and have for several years religiously. We even take the shampoo bar with us when we travel and use it as both soap and shampoo, which is super convenient. I use a rosemary-infused apple cider vinegar rinse at a ratio of approximately 4:1 (water to vinegar). I use this about once a week, and I’ve grown to love it. The rosemary cuts the strong vinegar smell and has many benefits to the health of my hair and scalp as well. Apple cider vinegar is an excellent conditioner for your scalp and hair and helps to balance the slightly higher pH of a shampoo bar keeping your scalp happy. I like to let the vinegar sit in my hair for 3 minutes or so and then rinse it out.

    My hair feels great, I don’t smell like vinegar, and I’m using all-natural products that are good for my health and the environment! With a little patience, you can find the right all-natural hair care routine for your hair type too!