Are Your Soaps Natural?


    There is no standard definition when it comes to the word natural for soaps and other hygiene products. Manufacturers are free to define the word natural to mean whatever they wish. Not all products that use the word natural really are in our opinion. We hold ourselves to the strictest of standards regarding what is considered all-natural.

    For us, all-natural products can only include naturally occurring ingredients, or ingredients derived from naturally occurring elements with minimal processing. We make soaps scented with either essential oils or fragrance oils. Chemists make fragrance oils in a lab; they don’t exist in nature. This is why we don’t consider them to be all-natural. We offer both essential oils and fragrance oils because not all scents are available in essential oils.

    We make our all-natural essential oil (and unscented) soaps from scratch using USDA Certified Organic Oils, including organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, sustainable organic palm oil, and organic castor oil. To that we add natural colorants (clays, spices, oxides, and micas), herbs, natural exfoliants (coffee, oatmeal, cloves, pumice, loofah etc.), and essential oils for scent, aromatherapy, and their benefits to the skin. The only soaps we would consider all-natural is the essential oil soaps, due to the fragrance being man-made.