Environmental Sustainability

looking up at trees

If you are interested in environmentalism, you probably already know the value that trees provide us. Forests are home to more than 80% of the terrestrial biodiversity on Earth and provide important resources like sustainable employment and food to countless people worldwide. To celebrate this, we have pledged to donate 1 tree for every order placed!

We’ve partnered with the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted.org to do the actual planting. For a $1 donation, you can plant trees in areas of need that they identify across the world. We tend to plant trees in areas around the US because we want to improve our environment locally and also in Asia to help offset the effects of the deforestation that occurs from unsustainable palm oil production. Click here for a separate article about sustainable palm oil if you’re interested in this.

Shipping materials

While our shipping materials sometimes do contain plastic ingredients, we generally don’t purchase them. All of our bubble wrap and packaging for boxes is reused from shipments that we receive. When we do purchase padding material for our boxes we only buy paper based solutions.

Shopping Bags

Those of you who have seen us in person, you will know that we generally don’t provide plastic bags to carry your products home. We prefer a Kraft type of paper bag, because it is biodegradable and more sustainable for the Earth. We do sometimes have plastic bags available, mostly because some of our products get damaged if they get wet. We generally only supply these if they are necessary.


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