Plant Oils

Plant oils or vegetable oils come from plant sources, as opposed to animal fats or petroleum. At Bay Berry Bliss we purchase mostly USDA Certified Organic vegetable oils. In fact, greater than 99% of our oils meet this standard. The only reason this is anything less than 100% is because there are some oils that aren’t available certified organic.

Many of the oils we use are already in your kitchen and are for sale at your local grocery store. In this category you will find things like extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil which are commonly used for cooking. We buy food-grade ingredients to make our soap for two reasons. For one it makes better products. Better ingredients make better products. It IS that simple. The other reason is it is better for the environment; which benefits us all.

Alternatives to plant-based oils are animal-based oils. These oils are generally low cost and abundantly available. Lard is available at our local grocery store, for example. The supply of low-cost animal fats is abundant due to the average American’s quantity of meat consumption. The low-cost and low-quality tallow and lard from commercial feedlot beef and pigs are available for use. We wouldn’t consider this as a choice since we don’t support the types of farming practices that produce these products. While there is nothing wrong with making products from animal fats if you aren’t against farming animals. We find that the cost of grass-fed tallow is well above what we are willing to pay. Using plant oils doesn’t limit the quality of our products and supports organic farmers and our ecosystem at the same time.