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It is the quality of natural ingredients that set apart quality handmade hand soaps and their commercial versions. Those products available in the commercial market are often chosen to meet a certain price point for business purposes. High quality natural ingredients are often expensive, which is why a business might want to limit their use. The good thing is that we have choices! We as consumers are free to choose if we want to use these products made with low cost ingredients or not. Consumers make this decision with every purchase they make every single day.

Supporting those who make products with organic farming methods is better for the environment. Organic farmers have far more restrictions on the types of pesticides that they have available to them. Reducing the global pesticide consumption is a good thing for all of us. The systematic application of pesticides to maximize crop production might make business sense for some, but it does not benefit the majority of us. There is only one Earth, and if we don’t all take care of it, eventually it won’t be there for any of us to enjoy.

This is why we choose to make our products with organic oils. Greater than 99% of the oils we buy are USDA certified organic. You couldn’t buy better oils to cook with yourself. Also, we only buy from those suppliers that can certify that their products are grown in a sustainable manner. Some crops like palm oil are often grown in ways that are damaging to our environment. It isn’t the farmer’s fault; they are growing products that meet a consumer demand. This is why we choose to use only sustainable organically grown palm oil for example. We want to support those who are making the right choices.