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Refer a Friend Program

Our Refer A Friend program is a great way for both you and a friend to benefit. It is quick and easy too. Just...
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Environmental Sustainability

If you are interested in environmentalism, you probably already know the value that trees provide us. Forests are home to more than 80% of...
Calendula and Aloe soap from Bay Berry Bliss LLC

Choose The Best Soap For Someone With Allergies

Choosing the best soap for someone with allergies or sensitive skin presents a challenge for some people. People react to all kinds of...
Hands holding soap suds in the bathtub

How To Avoid Soaps That Dry Out Your Skin

Below are some tips on how to avoid soaps that dry out your skin. You can make some lifestyle changes if you suffer from...
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What Is The Best Soap For Your Face?

What is the best soap for your face? While you could use any of our unscented or essential oil soaps on your face, some...
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Your Soap Is Better If It Isn’t Antibacterial

Antibacterial soaps are everywhere, and your soap is better if it isn't antibacterial. Many people reach for antibacterial soaps and body washes, thinking it...

Washing Your Face With Bar Soap Is Better

Washing your face with bar soap is better than many of the other commercially available products. You may have heard people say that you...
Cleaning Hands. Washing hands with soap

The Truth About The Germs On Your Bar Of Soap

Everyone agrees that handwashing is the best way to cleanse your skin of dirt and germs. We have heard several people say that...
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Advice On Choosing Soap That Is Good For Eczema

Before we get into which soap is good for eczema, lets come to common understanding of what eczema is. First of all, know...
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Handmade Bar Soap Will Make Your Skin Beautiful

Handmade soap is good for your skin and will make it look its best if used regularly. The ingredients of commercially available hand...